Find out yourself draws of using a sex toy in India

There are many events when one may feel the urge to have sex but the partner is not available, and hence one can do nothing to get desired satisfaction. The sex toys can be of much help at such a moment. Perhaps you are interested in utilising a vibrator. You happen not to be alone to think like that. A lot of women are curious to use vibrators to reach the height of sexual pleasure. In reality, as per a study made public in the year July 2009 in a journal named “Journal of sexual medicine” reported that fifty-three per cent of women in the age group of eighteen to sixty makes use of a vibrator. It is very interesting to know nearly one-quarter of the females under survey had utilised it only in the last month. In addition, those who make use of a vibrator on a regular basis tend to be very easily stimulated and are capable of getting wet or lubricated and attain their orgasm with ease. A recent study has shown people in Indian females have started buying sex toys for women. Looks like the social stigma is breaking. 

Now it is time to make use of a vibrator. Here it is stated why it is healthy to include a vibrator into sex life with your partner or solo.

Why it can be healthy to utilise a vibrator

The draws of utilising the device operated by the battery are numerous. In case you decide to use it by yourself, you will find out what arouses you with no pressure or hopes from the partner, as per Kristin Zeising – PsyD. She is a sex therapist and psychologist. She suggests experimenting with the vibrator all over the body to know about erogenous areas that may be unknown to you until now. Discovering what makes you feel aroused or better can guide your partner to more sexual approach that will make the whole process extra pleasurable.

Adding a vibrator to the sexual repertoire may as well as strengthen the relationship with the partner. According to Kristin anything capable of adding more spice to your sex life will assist your bondage to get stronger. Also, discussing the use of sex toys shall promote better possibilities of communication with the partner generally.

More studies

Studies carried out at Indiana University in the United States in the year 2009 revealed that fifty-three per cent of women and forty-five per cent of men in the age group of eighteen to sixty-five had utilised a vibrator. Moreover, use of a vibrator is linked with enhanced sexual function and allows you to be extra proactive regarding sexual health.

The study got responses nearly from two thousand and fifty-six women, and the number of men was one thousand and forty-seven in the age group of eighteen to sixty. It was discovered that use of vibrator was associated with an optimistic sexual function like craving and achieving orgasm with ease. The vibrator use may be hardly linked with side effects dissimilar to several drugs recommended to take care of sexual dysfunction.

The research regarding the use of vibrators in males, not reported beforehand, can be interesting as it reveals that use of vibrator amid men is widespread also.