Apple faces massive problems over new iPhone faults

There was a time when Apple products were flawless, and hence users trust the brand blindly. They used to last long without any problems and in fact actually came up with new features. Yes, we are referring to the time when there was Steve Jobs. He was a real genius who knew his work and was dedicated to making Apple a market leader. His demise had shocked everyone and all Apple loyalists wherein a dilemma whether they will continue using the products further or should switch to another brand. That is indeed the time since when iPhones started facing problems and lacking creativity.

Apple after Steve Jobs.
The place of Steve Jobs was filled in by Tim Cook. He is the present CEO of Apple. However, he cannot be blamed for this. Not everyone can be as bright as others. This is why a few select people are termed as a prodigy. In fact, Tim Cook had cleared it earlier already that he is not someone who can come up with gadgets. He is the pivot on which the company will be able to earn more and more. And we must admit that he has undoubtedly been successful in that. However, Apple has faced massive problems due to the issues with the new iPhone. Repair your iPhone from service center near by you or you can fix by watching videos for minor issues.

A few faults in the new iPhone which created havoc.
1. The iPhone bends: This is a fault which went viral the most. Well, this is maybe because of the fact that this is the first big fault that people could notice. Initially, it was thought that it is a feature of the new iPhone. But as it circulated that it is indeed faulty, people all over the world got worked up. Apple was asked to replace the defective pieces sold worldwide.
2. A grey bar over the screen: This is a fault that has been experienced by innumerable. The screen fails to recognize your touch, and a grey bar instantly appears on your screen that blocks your comfortable view.
3. Raised screen from one side: It is no secret that the screen must be uniform all over the phone. But, in these faults pieces, it was raised from one end. This gave it a slanting look and made it very difficult to hold the product with ease.
4. Face recognition lowers volume on its own: This is pertinent to the latest iPhone, that is, iPhone X. the moment you switch on your face recognition feature, it is seen that all call volumes are reduced since the phone believes that you are looking at it. This is not exactly a fault but a feature which has been understood as faulty by the masses. Besides, it has no utility.

Though Apple has faced a massive backlash from the people who have been sold faulty products, it is still apparent that the masses adore Apple products and still flock to buy it. That is also evident in the craze before the launch of every new iPhone.

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